Tracking Counterfeit Medicines

Counterfeit drugs are a growing threat today. One of the biggest problems in the health sector is the introduction of counterfeit drugs and the lack of control over drug-based drugs. Counterfeit drugs are becoming a global problem. In 2018, there were 1750 drug fraud cases in North America happened, followed by Asia with 1426 cases.

To solve these problems, drugs need to be verified and inspected from production to delivery to the patient. With blockchain technology, verification and auditing can be done systemically. Thanks to blockchain technology, the identity of the drugs leaving the factory will be verified and time-stamped at each delivery point. Therefore, the identity of the drug can be verified and inspected from the production stage to its distribution.

During production, high-resolution digital photos of each label are taken. The image creates a labeled double by capturing unique flaws that are invisible to the naked eye but detectable by artificial intelligence. This digital double can be taken from the blockchain in case the originality of a product is questioned. Using artificial intelligence, digital double and suspect tags can be compared even if the real-world tag is damaged or dirty. This approach adds a new dimension to the use of blockchain to track and trace pharmaceutical products from the manufacturing plant to the patient.

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