Clysterum Token

Clysterum is a cryptocurrency and a healthcare services project. As a cryptocurrency, Clysterum provides a platform for conducting, utilizing, managing, and exploring cryptocurrency transactions. We built Clysterum in recognition of the gaps in the healthcare sector amidst the rapidly advancing blockchain technology. Clysterum is a cryptocurrency created to address the shortcomings of the healthcare industry. The Clysterum team is always open to innovations and partnerships between users and healthcare workers, having adopted progress as their mission. Among our objectives is to get Clysterum recognized as a means of payment for health expenditures (hospital, pharmacy, optics, medical, etc.). Our team is aiming to develop joint projects with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to create a pool of aid and provide opportunities for those in need within the scope of social responsibility projects. Clysterum is a token established on the Ethereum network and is also developing its own mobile application and virtual card. Given these objectives and reasons, we believe that there is a need for the Clysterum token.

The Clysterum token has a supply of 3,000,000,000 (Three Billion). The distribution has been carried out based on the percentage slice as indicated below.

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